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Johannesburg (Gauteng), SOUTH AFRICA
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Johannesburg [Egoli - the place of gold]/ Most frequently updated community on ZA affairs
The National Anthem of South Africa

Kruger Rand . . . E g o l i - Place of Gold

Jozi. Speak to anyone from Jozi, and they'll tell you. It is a most magnificent, diversifed and captivating city. People in Jozi are friendly and welcoming in ways you will find mesmerising. They are proud of their city, of its history, vibrancy and broad appeal. They are proud of their city's cultural and ethnic diversity its tolerance and the economic power. Johannesburg is South Africa's industrial, economic and cultural centre.

Gold Johannesburg - City of Gold Gold

This community focuses on Johannesburg's diversity, society, politics, economic power, culture, education and sports. But the buck doesn't stop there: Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein and other cities, the nation's awe-inspiring natural beauty and the country's unique position in the world are all integral parts of this community. Therefore, not just Jozies are welcome, but people linked to all corners of South Africa, whether they live here or abroad.
"Critical acclaim" - criticism and accolades - are encouraged by the community's members and guests.

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Since 19 December 2008:

For frequent updates of General and Political news in South Africa check out the
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This community supports the Democratic Alliance and its candidates

South Africa is the world's 25th largest country, both in population (48.1mn) and in land area (471,000sqm / 1,221,000sqkm); with 11 official languages
Johannesburg is 'sister city' with New York City since 2003

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