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Johannesburg (Gauteng), SOUTH AFRICA
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5th-Apr-2009 12:47 pm - April Polyamory Discussion
What: Discussion lunch
Topic : What does love mean to you?
When: Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 12:00 PM
Where : Fruits and Roots, 103 Komatie Road, Emmarentia
Hosted by : ZaPoly
The duration of the meeting will be an hour to two hours max. Polyamory is the desire, practice, or acceptance of having more than one loving, intimate relationship at a time with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.
You don't have to be polyamorous to attend - just open minded and friendly.
To get directions and details on how to recognise the group, join the group's Yahoo zapoly mailing list.

For more info on polyamory in South Africa see http://www.polyamory.co.za
28th-Jan-2007 11:30 pm(no subject)
Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm trying to find somewhere in the Joburg area that I can buy Mi Goreng noodles, they need to be proper Mi Goreng and not just 2 minute noodles.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
19th-Sep-2006 09:01 am - Gautrain Road Update
Devastated - Blackheart - death (far)
cross-posted: joburg_za & southafrica

The road update programme of the Gautrain project has begun and, as mentioned in our earlier communication, a great deal of the work will take place in the Sandton and Rosebank CBDs as well as around Johannesburg Park Station.

It is estimated that this phase of the project will be completed by the end of this month. Once the main work starts, construction vehicles will operate during off-peak times. Peak hours are classified as 7:00 to 9:00 and 16:00 to 18:00. The total construction period will be 54 months.

There will be some level of traffic management implemented by Bombela, the contractor, who will be employing and training peace officers to deploy when traffic lights go down. Noise and vibration levels will be monitored by the Gautrain Project Team and kept in line with international standards. Similarly, dust levels will also be checked and a dust inhibitor will be sprayed on the material loaded on to the trucks.

Please note the following to make it easier to plan your routes.

  • Rivonia Road between West and 5th Streets will be a one-way north. Traffic heading south will be directed along Katherine Street

  • Fredman Drive will be used as an alternative diversion route

  • All emergency lanes will be closed

  • West Street will be permanently widened on the northern side between Stella and Rivonia Roads

  • The median on West Street between Rivonia Road and Katherine Street will be permanently narrowed

  • The taxi rank will be moved to the existing public parking area north-east of the library

  • Rosebank
    The southbound traffic on Oxford Road will not be affected, but northbound traffic will be diverted onto the following roads:
  • Sturdee Avenue, which will become a one-way northbound carriageway

  • Bath Avenue

  • Jan Smuts Avenue

  • Johannesburg Park Station
  • Wolmarans Street will be closed to traffic between Eloff and Joubert Streets

  • Traffic on Wolmarans Street will be channelled into two lanes diverted via Hoek Street to Smith Street, which will be converted into a dual direction road between Harrison Street and Hoek Street
  • 7th-Jul-2006 09:15 am - Car Hijacker Explains
    OMGWTF Coyote
    Got this in the email today, thought I'd pass it on...

    Car Hijacker explains how it is done- it is well worth reading!!!!

    "HIJACKING MADE EASY - Repentant Car Hijacker Explains How it is Done"

    A repentant car hijacker (28) stole and hijacked cars for more than 14
    years before deciding to go straight. Now he is a struggling fashion
    designer who presents motivational talks at schools in Orange Farm,
    south of Joburg, discouraging youngsters from doing crime. He spoke to
    Denis Droppa about the murky world of vehicle crime.

    What he has to sayCollapse )


    Stay safe people!
    6th-Jul-2006 10:48 am - Forwarded from my Dad.
    New Intimidation methods on Jhb roads.

    Please be very careful when travelling alone.

    A woman had been pushed
    off the road on Saturday at 10:00 on Ontdekkers road. A white taxi full of
    men followed her for about 5 minutes and then moved in next to her car and
    slowly pushed her towards the pavement.

    They kept on until a couple of other cars started to drive around her,
    and then left. This morning another lady stopped at a traffic light on Jan
    Smuts Avenue. A taxi stopped next to her and five guys jumped out of the
    taxi. One banged on the roof of her car, two tried to open the front
    doors, a third jumped onto the bonnet of her car and a fourth stood in front of
    her car. She got such a fright that she pulled away knocking the chap in
    front of her down and crossed the red robot. It seems that this is a new
    type of intimidation, victimizing mainly women drivers. Please be very
    careful when driving on your own. This is the 5th case we've heard of
    since last week.
    Please pass this on - not only to females - but to everyone - be alert.

    Managing Director

    Guardforce Int'l Transportation Ltd. SA

    Men: please forward this to all ladies you know.
    Enjoy a range of classical hits by popular musicians such as pianist Christopher Duigan, guitar duo CH2, soprano Hanli Stapela and others.

    Where: Maroela Room, Sandton Sun Intercontinental, Maude Street, Sandton

    Date: 4 June
    Time: 6.30pm
    Contact number: 011 780 5689
    Booking: Ticket prices range from R190 to R215pp at Computicket

    The most glamorous and romantic musical is presented in grand style, with a full live orchestra. The costumes and décor are exquisite costumes.

    Where: State Theatre, Opera, 320 Pretorius Street, Pretoria

    Date: 3 May – 4 June 2006
    Time: Performance times vary
    Contact number: 012 392 4027
    Website: www.statetheatre.co.za
    Booking fee: Ticket prices range from R175 to R275pp at Computicket
    29th-May-2006 11:01 am - Things to do: Mystery Ghost Bus Tour
    Hop on a luxury coach and take a trip round Jo'burg’s haunted houses – visit with poltergeists, learn about murders, walk through castles and graveyards. There are pub stops along the way. Bring a torch and walking shoes; strictly over 18 years.

    Where: Meet at the Pound and Penny Pub, Sunnyside Park Hotel, Carse O’ Gowrie Road, Parktown

    Date: 26, 27 May and 2 June 2006
    Time: 7pm – 11pm
    Contact number: 011 643 7226
    Website: www.mysteryghostbus.co.za
    Booking fee: Tickets are R171pp at Computicket
    23rd-Oct-2005 05:46 pm(no subject)
    Devastated - Blackheart - death (far)
    I'm thinking LJ didn't exactly mean this with their neat new schools directory.
    20th-Oct-2005 03:34 pm - Good Food and Wine Show
    Local foodies can garner new ideas, new ingredients and new taste combinations from Celebrated Celebrity Chefs: Join BBC's Brian Turner for some Decadent Dessert's, or some delicious Gourmet Barbeque ideas
    Venue: Gallagher Estate
    Time: Thursday (20th October) - Saturday (22nd October) 10am-8pm, Sunday 10am-6pm
    Entrance: R50 for adults, Children U15 and pensioners R15
    Type of Event: Expo, Other
    Contact details: Computicket 083 915 8000 or at the door
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